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Today is Sunday 16.6., svátek má Zbyněk.
Dnes má svátek Zbyněk. Gratulujeme :)

Osobnosti narozené dnes:

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  • Giovanni Boccaccio (*1313, +21.12.1375) - Italský spisovatel
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The highway D1

The highway D1

The current road transport in the region of North Moravia and Silesia in southwest – northeast directions is led mainly along the roads I/47, I/48 and I/35. Even at present these traffic lanes are overloaded, on the top of that they are frequently led in a way inconvenient to the transit traffic (through the urban area and in the narrow lanes). The area of Ostrava - Karvina industrial agglomeration, which is one of the vastest in the Czech Republic and has at present one of the highest rate of unemployment, still remains without the first-rate and full capacity connection to the highway net, and as well without a real possibility to attract significant investors.

Intranational importance of the highway D47 implementation

The highway D47 (concerned the highway D1 Prague - Brno - Ostrava), labeled within the construction period as D47, will complete so far missing highway connection of Ostrava to the existing highway net in the Czech Republic. By the first-rate and full capacity connection of  Ostrava - Karvina industrial agglomeration conditions will be established enabling involvement of significant investors into this region., revival of the economic development and herewith decrease the unemployment rate not only after  the completion of  the highway but within its construction period.

International importance of the highway D47 implementation

Regarding the conclusions of The Third Paneuropean Transport Conference held in Helsinki, throughout the Czech Republic passes the strand VI.B of the multimodal corridor of the Transeuropean net TEN (Trans Europe Net) leading in direction north - south in route Katowice – Bohumin – Ostrava – Brno – Vienna and the highway D47 is its important part. In Brno it’s connected to IV. multimodal corridor TEN leading in direction of Norimberk – Dresden – Prague – Brno – Breclav – Bratislava – Sofia – Istanbul (connection to Adriatic and Balcan). The nearest parallel north – south connection passes through Norimberk in Germany that further increases the international importance of scheduled D7.

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