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Town symbols

Bohumin acquired the authorization to use its historical town emblem in 1967-1970. If the town wants to complete its symbols with a flag, according to the recent valid legal form it’s not necessary to ask for a license or confirmation of the town emblem, but only for a new flag approval. The flag will complete the historical emblem and altogether will create a standard pair of the town symbols regarding the valid municipality law. In January 2007 five designs of the town flag were created by Mgr. Jan Tejkal and introduced at the municipal council meeting on 11th April, 2007 which chose design No.1 regarding the majority public opinion from surveys.

This version represents a verbatim copy of the town emblem when the flag shaft takes up all emblem patterns only in points of slightly modified proportions given by a different shape of the symbol. In terms of the request from 25th April, 2007 raised by the mayor of Bohumin, the heraldry and vexilology subcommittee of The CR Parliament Chamber of Deputies discussed and approved the design proposal on 12th September, 2007. The flag patent was handed over to the mayor of Bohumin by Miroslav Vlcek, a president of the Chamber of Deputies, in 18th December, 2007.



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