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The area was settled by Slavonic people already in 1229 and its cadastre is linked with rich history. It is proved not only by the archaeological sites Na Pískách and Na Úvoze from the Stone Age, but also by the settlement of Moravská brána (Moravian Gate), or by crosses either from the Thirty Years’ War or from the Prussian-Austrian War. The 20th century was not very merciful to the residents as well, which is documented by monuments to those who died in the fight for freedom in World War I and World War II.

Local names of some place are rather interesting. At St. Ann (later Anenská street) according to a sculpture on a base located in the place, which was newly created by local carpenter Šimon Pohl in 2004 and consecrated on 23 October 2006. Other – Blahoč, Kočindověc – where a steam brickworks and factory producing fireclay goods used to be, Pjosky – sand was extracted there, or Zbytky. The explanation of the name “Záblatí” is simple. It used to be a place “za blátem” (behind mud), i.e. large swamps of current Nový Bohumín (former Šunychl) and Skřečoň. The area is hilly, there is mostly dry soil, which caused problems with drinking water in the past. It is also evidenced by the fact that the original village with twelve mostly wooden cottages used to be located around the village well. There are large forests in the area, Bagyněc is the best known of them. The village never had its coat of arms, only a seal with a depicted shuttle and a part of a plough - hook plough and scissors from 18th–19th centuries has been preserved. The symbols illustrated how the residents earned their living – farming, sheep breeding and weaving of linen or rugs. Záblatí has maintained its unique rural nature and currently it is a peculiar suburb of Bohumín, located in its southern part.

In May 2005 a mass in the filial chapel of St. John Nepomucký was served, commemorating the 110th anniversary of its consecration. The chapel underwent a vast reconstruction before. A significant position in education and culture is played by the local school. The small school was opened in 1912. Its original building from 1875 is used as a nursery school.

Záblatí has always had a lot of active and dedicated citizens trying to enhance and propagate their village. First of all, we should mention the members of Sokol Záblatí, a local sport club, whose members enrich the life of all village with social and sport events. Besides that, there are members of the Slovan football club, volunteer fire brigade, hunters society and others. Currently 2,205 people live in this part of Bohumín.


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