Město Bohumín

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Town flag description

The flag design approved by the municipal deputies of Bohumin was discussed and approved firstly by the heraldry and vexilology subcommittee of the CR Parliament Chamber of Deputies in 12th September, 2007.The next following step was a decision of a president of the CR Parliament Chamber of Deputies and from his hands the town was given a new allocation flag patent in 2007.

The flag completes the historical town emblem and altogether creates a standard pair of the town symbols. The flag corresponds to the following description: “The flag shaft is formed by two horizontal strips, the blue and the red one, in proportion to 3:4.  In the blue stripe there is a yellow winged rail-wheel, in the red stripe there is a white turned up wheel-fork with its shanks long as one quarter of the shaft length and quirefold in the middle by a black cogwheel with shanks. The proportion of width to length of the shaft is 2:3.”


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