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Today is Wednesday 26.6., svátek má Adriana.
Dnes má svátek Adriana. Gratulujeme :)

Osobnosti narozené dnes:

  • Paolo Maldini (*1968) - Italský fotbalista
  • Claudio Abbado (*1933) - Italský dirigent
  • Karel Kosík (*1926, +21.2.2003) - Český filosof
  • Ladislav Štoll (*1902, +6.1.1981) - Český marxistický literární kritik
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Booking system of the boat rentals - town district Starý Bohumín

Booking system of the boat rentals allows you to order a boat for boating on the Oder river. The reservation of a specific, to you convenient date and time, can be done as for weekends and public holidays. The term is possible to be chosen at least one hour before the boating (i.e. by 8:00 and 13:00). Your reservation confirmation will be sent to your e-mail and SMS. We will be happy if you inform us of the cancellations so that the booked time was not unnecessarily blocked and could be offered to another customer. You are asked to be there on time - the time reservation  will be guaranteed to a maximum delay of 15 minutes. In case of problems, call +420 731 130 686 as well as send an e-mail to the address: Boat rental is not open all year round. For more information about the boat rental, see Boating events and Boat rentals.

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