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Nature trails in Bohumin and its surroundings


Nature trail Boundary of the Odra river meanders

Natural monument Boundary of the Odra river meanders covers the  area of ​​131.6 hectares and includes the 7.5 km long section of the Odra river with five large twists, where the Czech-Polish border forms the center. The part of meanders on the right bank are formed by adjacent floodplain forests, meadows, arable land and two lakes - dead Odra's branch  at the shipyard (1.5 ha) and  a small lake Kališok (5 ha) created by gravel extraction. The area is made ​​up of the geological Quaternary sediments, flood loams, clays and gravels. In Central Europe,  similar to the naturally meandering streams with average annual flow of 40 m3 / s, it has been rare.

Meanders can be visited on foot, by bike, or even in a boat. Each of those ways has its own charm. It is just up to you which version will attract you. Nevertheless, there is a benefit of cyclists unlike foot walkers. Cyclists will not have to return back from the Olza  river ford along the same route, but  can use the cycle path from Kopytov to Bohumín, or they can continue to drive up the Olza river stream. In summer, watermen can boat meanders in canoes or rafts. Those can be rented in the town boat rental in Stary  Bohumín. Sail can continue either  beyond  the rivers Odra and Olza confluence  ​​to Zabełkowa or up to Krzyżanowice.

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