Město Bohumín

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Natural monument Boundary of the Odra river meanders


Basic data:

  • Length of the trail:  9 km
  • Number of stops:  17
  • Number of educational boards:  6
  • Area: 126 ha
  • Marking of routes:  red tourist marks and white-red trail marks
  • The lowest trail point:  195 m altitude - the confluence of the Odra and Olza rivers, the lowest point of Moravian-Silesian Region
  • Difficulty:  easy for pedestrians, challenging for cyclists
  • Opening date:  22.10.2011


There are many places with preserved nature and picturesque landscape on the river Odra. One of the highlights is the Odra river in Bohumín, which forms the border. In 2006, society of Poodri Friends published the thematic issue of the journal Poodří, which is dedicated to these places - border meanders of the Odra river. In 2012, nature trails on both Czech and Polish sides were connected.

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