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Cycle lanes

In 2006 the next stage of projects regarding development and promotion of Bohumin and co-financed both from the SROP funds (Mutual regional and operational program financed by EU), Moravian-Silesian region and Bohumin, was finalized. It concerns four local cycle lanes leading through several parts of Bohumin. All cycle lanes intersect at the Aquacentre of Bohumin and are marked by all cyclists known signs. The cycle lanes maps can be found in recently published promotion leaflets about the City of Bohumin and are available at all info centres in Bohumin. These cycle lanes should serve mainly to non –resident cyclist to find the Aquacentre easier and neighbouring sport and public clubby centres. The company BOSPOR engaged to set up a cycle store close to Aquacentre to assure its service regarding the seasonal needs and clients interest.

The longest 11km cycle lane A continues the cycle lane of Rychvald leading to pond Skucak, through the forest Brezina in Zablati along the spring in Zablati, over the centre of Zablati and the village chapel, then along Anenska street past the statue of Saint Anne and next along Rychvaldska street to Skrecon, where behind the restaurant named “U Tomasu” intersects the international cycle lane No. 56. When following street Miru, it continues across the Skrecon over-bridge and behind the Aquacentre it goes to street Kopernikova and next to Sunychelska, where at the crossing with “Zlaty jelen” restaurant it again intersects the lane 56 and continues by lake “Kalisovo”.

The 8-kilometr-long cycle lane B continues the lane from Rychvald’s castle, leads around the pond Novy Stav, along streets Revolucni, Bezrucova and Stefanikova, around the Town Hall, next along Saifrtova street, through the park of Petr Bezruc and from the Aquacentre to the direction of Nova Ves, where again it’s connected to the lane 56.

The 4-kilometr-long cycle lane C leads cyclists from Antosovice over the river Odra along a foot- bridge along the cycle lane No. 6109 to the street Ostravska, where it turns to the street Na Chalupach, along streets Okruzni and Dr.E.Benese, around the Town Hall and next slony the lane B to the Aquacentre and hotel „Penzion ve vezi“.

The shortest 3-kilometr-long cycle lane D leads cyclists from the Polish borders and Starobohuminske square past the parish church of the Virgin Mary Birth to street Ovocna, where it’s connected to the cycle lane 56, goes past the chapel of Guardian Angels, at the crossroad with Sunychelska street along the cycle lane A leading again to the sport complex with the swimming pool, winter stadium, hobby park, hotel and summer cinema.

There is, of course, a possibility to continue the cycle lanes from Stary Bohumin to Poland when using the Polish cycle lanes. Directly beyond the borders start the cycle lane of EUROREGION 24C and the lane EUROVELO R4. These lanes are continued with 316Y Powiatu Wodzisławskiego a gminy Gorzyce with its length of 52km. Through the most interesting and beautiful terrains of gmina Krzyżanowice lead marked cycle lanes R4, 9, 24, 39, 341, 347, 348 a 355 with a total length of 65,8 km.



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