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Today is Thursday 23.3., svátek má Ivona.
Dnes má svátek Ivona. Gratulujeme :)

Osobnosti narozené dnes:

  • Zuzana Brabcová (*1959) - Česká spisovatelka
  • Dalibor Janda (*1953) - Český zpěvák a kytarista
  • Milan Maryška (*1943, +4.12.2002) - Český filmový dokumentarista, režisér a fotograf
  • Wernher von Braun (*1912, +16.6.1977) - Německý fyzik a inženýr
  • Akira Kurosawa (*1910, +6.9.1998) - Japonský režisér
  • Daniel Bovet (*1907, +8.8.1992) - Ve Švýcarsku narozený vědec, nositel Nobelovy ceny za fyziologii a medicínu
  • Erich Fromm (*1900, +18.3.1980) - V Německu narozený psychoanalytik
  • Emmy Noether (*1882, +14.4.1935) - Německá matematička
  • Roger Martin du Gard (*1881, +22.8.1958) - Francouzský spisovatel, nositel Nobelovy ceny za literaturu
  • Hermann Standinger (*1881, +8.9.1965) - Německý lékárník, nositel Nobelovy ceny
  • Gabriela Preissová (*1862, +27.3.1946) - Česká spisovatelka
  • Ludwig Quidde (*1858, +4.3.1941) - Německý pacifista, příjemce Nobelovy ceny míru
  • William Smith (*1769, +28.8.1839) - Anglický geolog a fyzik
  • Baron Jurij Vega (*1754, +26.9.1802) - Slovinský matematik a fyzik
  • Pierre Simon de Laplace (*1749, +5.3.1827) - Francouzský matematik astronom
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E-info service (electronic information service)

Service E-info is used to inform citizens about events happening in Bohumín - e.g. planned  interruptions of electricity, water and gas supplies, as well as the road closures. Other provided information include sport, culture and other events or what is prepared by TIK - TV Information Channel. Categories that can be chosen are already over 40 (some in different dispatching time) and new ones are continuously added according to citizens wishes and requirements.

Every citizen who signs up, can choose which of these categories are considered interesting. Selected categories may be changed at any time - to add a new one or remove those that are no longer important and necessary. Everything is done online - via the Internet.
Information that a citizen subscribed to, are sent to the e-mail address ( from the address or by SMS to a mobile phone ( from the numbers 730 844 001 - 730 844 008). This service is provided to citizens free of charge -  registration or receiving e-mails or SMSs is free, not charged anyhow. Messages are delivered to the e-mail address or mobile phone via SMS within a few minutes. Primarily, the messages are sent to the e-mail address, sending SMS messages is optional and not guaranted service. Information from E-info can be delivered on a fixed line, too. The report will be delivered either in a text form (if your phone supports it), or in the form of voice (the system will call the recipient and electronic voice will read the message).

If you have more questions, doubts or ideas for improvements to the service you can e-mail to, call on 730 844 001 - 730 844 008, or personally come round at the Town Hall to the office door number A112.



  • keep a cell phone number of E-info down to your mobile phone, including icons (jpg, gif)
  • create an E-info e-mail directory in your E-mail program and set your mail so that news from E-info to be falling down directly into this folder



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