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TV info channel Bohumin (TIK)

The main objective of TIK Bohumín television (TV Information Channel) is to inform the population of Bohumín. Broadcasts that are distributed through the cable television Nej.cz and by the Company PODA a.s. may track roughly 15,000 spectators in the center of New Bohumín, in some streets of the district Záblatí and partly in Ostrava and Havirov. Television broadcasts 24 hours a day, it makes 525,600 minutes broadcast a year. Seven times a day the TV Information Channel provides viewers with visual reporting, the remaining space is complemented by videotext information. Television broadcasting  also includes programs as "Round table" and " Ask your questions" discussion programs as well as a chat show "Host Studio B" and a quiz  "Who knows, replies". Archive broadcast can be found here. More information about TIK Bohumín can be found on the website www.tik.tvmarko.cz. If you would like to be receiving regular information about upcoming live broadcast or live video news program, you can register for receiving of  these messages at the E-info


Where TIK can be watched?

  • Web sites of Bohumín (digital video archive)
  • Nej.cz - cable TV (analog and digital)
  • Nordic Telecom - IPTV (digital)
  • PODA - IPTV (digital broadcasting)
  • DVB-T2 - 45. channel (MUX 24) in Local TV Station Plus
  • websites Local TV Plus (digital video archive)
  • video server YouTube (digital video archive)
  • Internet@TV přes YouTube (digital video archive)



  • Phone:  553 810 105 (office), 553 810 106 (studio)
  • E-mail:  tik@mubo.cz
  • Web:  www.tik.tvmarko.cz
  • Address:  T. G. Masaryka 226, Bohumín, 735 81



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