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Today is Saturday 22.2., svátek má Petr.
Petr - jméno řeckého původu. Znamená skála.

Osobnosti narozené dnes:

  • David Výborný (*1975) - Český hokejista
  • James Blunt (*1974) - Britský zpěvák
  • Steve Irwin (*1966, +4.9.2006) - Australský dobrodruh,ochránce životního prostředí a hlavní protagonista seriálu:Lovec krokodýlů
  • Jiří Čunek (*1959) - Český politik
  • Romas Kalanta (*1953, +14.5.1972) - Litevský národní hrdina
  • Julius Erving (*1950) - Americký basketbalista
  • Julie Walters (*1950) - Britská herečka
  • Edward Moore Kennedy (*1932, +25.8.2009) - Americký politik a podnikatel
  • Ladislav Pohrobek (*1440, +23.11.1457) - Český král
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Town's newspaper OKO

The town's newspaper OKO – semi-monthly periodical designed for the residents of Bohumin

  • Volume: 20 pages (extended edition - usually twice a year, 24 pages)
  • Price: 7 CZK
  • Sales: 53 sales points on the territory of Bohumin (newsagents, groceries, library, info-centre of the Town Hall, snack bars, shops etc.)

Information from the Town Hall, reports of the political parties participating in the municipal council of Bohumin, interviews with interesting people, writers letters, questions of the citizens and replies to them, reports concerning education, sport, culture and the social life in Bohumin, financial reports, companies reports, contributions of different town institutions, information about the health and healthy lifestyle, nature surrounding us, invitations to events, photos from different events and life in Bohumin, advertisement and commercial etc. Since 2007 this journal has been issued even in a colorful version – the front cover and the last pages and the middle double-page.

Electoral political parties participating in the municipal council of Bohumin have the rights to publish their reports free of charge in a scope of a half page in each released issue. Such reports are not subjected to editorial revision. 

Reports are not remunerated, unrequested materials and photos are not returned back by the editor’s office.


Editor’s office

Ing. Dagmar Fialová

Pavel Čempěl


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