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Town emblem

The town Bohumín disposes of a „historical“ town emblem. Historical in quotation marks because in comparison with other towns and their historical symbols, Bohumin is quite young.  Nevertheless in the intention of the recent valid municipality law that since 1990 has allowed towns and municipalities to suggest, approve and decree a new town emblem and flag, this mentioned emblem was already valid before creation of the above mentioned law. The emblem of Bohumin originates from 1967 – 1970 when on 22nd June, 1967 on the basement of the Jiri Louda design, it was approved by former MeNV (municipality) as an emblem of Novy Bohumin and later in 1970 it was approved by the Comitee responsible for the town emblems at the Archive administration of MV CSR (the Ministry of Internal Affairs). In 1973 after the merger of Novy Bohumin with Stary Bohumin this became the town emblem.

The town emblem is included into the official historical emblems compendium of towns in CR from 1985 (Jiri Carek “Town emblems in Czech countries”) having a statute of the systematic mandatory authority for the heraldry and vexilology subcommittee of the CR Parliament Chamber of Deputies, that consider all emblems referred into this compendium to be historical and valid. In this compendium mentioned above can be found on the page 83 otherwise is not correct and a bit misleading from the heraldic point of view description, but methodically and concerning the content point of view correct and mandatory description: “A shield is divided across in the upper third. In the upper blue square there is a golden winged rail-wheel, at the bottom red square there is a silver, turned up wheel-fork and it’s quirefold in the middle by a black cogwheel with eight shanks and eight cogs representing the position of an industrial town laying at the crossing of three rail lines.

Adequately economical from the heraldry point of view, but all – embracing description of the town emblem was appointed by the heraldry and vexilology subcommittee of the CR Parliament Chamber of Deputies during its session on 12th September, 2007 when dealing about the administration of the Bohumin’s town flag thereby : “In the red square under the blue head with a golden winged rail-wheel, with a silver, turned up wheel-fork in the middle is a black cogwheel with shanks.”

From the description mentioned above it is obvious that Bohmin has the contemporary right to use its historical town emblem and at the same time it’s clear that according the recent legal regulation wasn’t necessary on the part of the town to ask for the emblem administration or confirmation, but only for the administration and approval of the town flag that would complete the historical emblem and altogether will create a standard pair of the town symbols according the valid municipality law.

Mgr. Jan Tejkal

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